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About Me


I am Darpan Chordia - A culinary student from India. In 2017, I started as an Instagram food blogger by the name Veggie Pune intending to explore vegetarian food outlets in the city of Pune and sharing my experience with the world. Being around like-minded foodies in my culinary school I developed a sweet tooth of my own and that’s when my interest towards confectionery grew. I have started this blog to help you create a perfect dish in the simplest way possible.

My journey as instagram blogger

It all started in the year 2017 in my higher secondary school break when I was just introduced to the amazing world of Instagram blogging. It was this amazing platform wherein I could share what it was like being a foodie. So, I started "Veggie Pune". From trying a dish that I had never eaten before, to travelling long distances in search of scrumptious dishes, it took a lot to manage it along with my academics. People started appreciating what I did and this kept me going. I have been writing about and reviewing food ever since. This has helped me connect to many food experts and some amazing people along the journey.

How I got into baking

I was always fascinated by the methods of baking and how things turned out completely different once baked. This is what pushed me to try baking some recipes on my own. Many attempts failed, sometimes still do, but I managed to learn along in the process. It’s not been that long since I started, in fact, I am still learning and I thought why not share the experience with others along and so I started this blog!!!

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